Imosha(Thai Yoga Massage School)

Mysore has a long-standing reputation for being home to ‘healers’ of all kinds. As the heart of Ashtanga-vinyasa yoga style, it is only natural that a thriving industry of massage and yoga stretches used as therapy has cropped up. At the centre of this revolution is Raghavendra’s massage school, Imosha. Trained by masters in Chiang Mai, proficient in the ancient art, Raghavendra’s style is holistic — catered to the individual and for the individual. This is no regular relaxing spa day. In fact, quite the contrary. Prepare to bite your lip as he works into deep knots and tensions in places you didn’t know existed. His calming nature and full attention both put you at ease and leave you feeling true, long term relief and recovery from any aches and niggles you may have.

Pro tip: There is an option to get treated by his assistant, for a slightly cheaper rate. However, if you can afford it, it’s totally worth going to the man himself!